8.1. Adjustment of the drive of switching of RKPP 717.461

Design of the drive of switching of RKPP of a series 717.4 (model ML 230)

1 — a switching Rod
2 — a rod Head

3 — the Carving pin


  1. Details of a design of the drive of switching of RKPP of a series 717.4 are presented on an illustration to which all references which are found in the text belong.
  2. Park the car on the flat horizontal platform.
  3. Include neutral transfer.
  4. Having wrung out forward (in the direction of the movement), bring the switching lever with the established rod head out of the central situation.
  5. Level a rod (1) with a head (2).
  6. Transfer the lever of switching of transmission to the central situation and carry out gearing, having filled the end of a rod of switching in a head (2).
  7. Without allowing a rod provorachivaniye with a head (1 and 2) and without bringing the switching lever out of the central situation, tighten a carving pin (3).
  8. Check freedom of the course of the blocking finger and correctness of longitudinal installation of rods of switching.
  9. Take the blocking finger and test the switching drive at the working engine. Check sizes of gaps of gearing of rods with the lever on a basic arm in all provisions of transmission.