10.1.1. Assessment of degree of wear of the conducted clutch plate

Details of installation of the thermofilter of a case of RKPP

Check of degree of wear of a clutch plate

The disk is serviceable

The disk is worn-out


  1. For visual assessment of degree of wear of frictional overlays of a frictional clutch plate it is necessary to release fixing bolts (5) and to remove the thermofilter (6).
  2. Check is made by means of the special measuring instrument (4) entered under a plastic washer (2) flanges of the executive cylinder (4) and which is put on a persistent finger (3). At a serviceable disk risks of the installed measuring instrument are completely hidden (arrow b). If after full landing of the measuring instrument to a finger, risks remain open (an arrow and), therefore, wear of a disk reached extreme admissible value.