9.3. Adjustment of the drive of switching of AT

Design of the drive of switching of AT

33 — the Executive lever
63 — Draft of switching
97 — the Intermediate lever

98 — a draft Head
99 — the Bolt
107 — the Basis of selector assembly


  1. The design of the drive of switching of AT is shown on an illustration to which all references which are found in the text belong.
  2. Tire out the car on the elevator, lift and level strictly horizontally.
  3. Transfer the executive lever (33) to situation "D" and ask the assistant to hold it in this situation during the whole time of implementation of the procedure.
  4. Connect a head of thirst (98) for the intermediate lever (97) and fix it by clamps.
  5. Fill draft (63) in a head, connect it to the lever (33) and fix by clamps.
  6. Having pressed a head (98), tighten a bolt (99), - track that draft (63) and a head (98) were not turned, and the lever (33) remained in situation "D" all the time.
  7. Check serviceability of functioning of the drive.