14.8. Dashboard, switches, traveling computer

Details of installation of a combination of devices

Details of installation of a combination of devices

Details of installation of a casing of a combination of devices

16 — Films with symbols


  1. Details of installation of components of a combination of devices are shown on illustrations to which all references which are found in the text belong.
  2. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.
  3. Unblock a steering column and lower it in extreme lower situation.
  4. Remove the top section (3) casings of a steering column, - at the corresponding complete set release side and forward clamps, then slightly squeeze a cover and separate it from the dashboard.
  5. Hooking clamps a suitable wedge, remove side panels of finishing (12).
  6. Having wrung out outside (arrow A) clamps (4), and having pulled (arrow B) down, remove a frame (5) of facing of a combination of devices.
  7. Turn out screws (9).
  8. Remove clamps (10).
  9. Pull assembly of a combination of devices (A1) forward and disunite the contact socket (11) of an electrical wiring, previously having released its clamp.
  10. Remove a combination of devices (A1).
  11. In case of need release clamps and uncover with a casing a combination (15) (14).
  12. Installation is made upside-down, - track correctness of landing of adjusting buttons of the odometer and hours. When landing a frame (5) fill hooks (6) in an assembly bracket (13) and, pressing a frame up, achieve a reliable zashchelkivaniye of clamps, - uvulas (7) have to get to reception nests of brackets (8) combinations (A1).