7.1.8. Removal and installation of the sensor of position of the camshaft (CMP), - the series 111 engine

Details of installation of the CMP sensor of the engine of a series 111

11/1 — the Sealing ring
11/2 — Adjusting laying

L5/1 — the CMP Sensor

Adjustment of the CMP sensor by means of the probe of lezviyny type


  1. Details of installation of coils of ignition of the diesel engine of a series 612 are shown on an illustration, - do not forget to replace a sealing ring (11/1).
  2. After replacement of the CMP (L5/1) sensor it is necessary to make installation of a gap of the camshaft: turn a bent shaft so that the segment of an asterisk of the camshaft appeared opposite to the sensor and by means of the probe of lezviyny type measure a gap between a segment of an asterisk and the sensor, - the required value makes 0.5 mm, in case of need make the corresponding adjustment by selection of adjusting laying (11/2): 0.1 ÷ 1.0 mm.