7.1. Systems of ignition and engine management

The system of ignition provides ignition of the air-fuel mix given to combustion chambers of cylinders. For formation of a spark of the required intensity the 12-volt tension of onboard power supply in will be transformed ignition coils to high-voltage (VV), - 30 000 Century.

The electronic system of direct ignition is an integral part of a control system of the engine. The main working components of system of ignition are candles and coils of ignition.

Distribution of giving of VV of tension to spark plugs on candles the block of electronic control (ECM) operates.

External adjustment of the moment of ignition is not made, - at violation of the required installations it is necessary to make replacement of the failed components.

Elements of management of system of ignition are not subject to wear and do not need regular service. According to the Schedule of maintenance (see the Head of the Power supply system and production of the fulfilled gases) it is necessary to make only replacement of spark plugs.

Security measures during the work with systems of ignition and management of fuel injection

For the purpose of prevention of traumatizing personnel and/or failure of components of systems of ignition/management of injection it is necessary to observe the following: