14.10.4. Removal and installation of back lamps, replacement of lamps

Details of installation of a back lamp

E3 — the Right back lamp

E4 — the Left back lamp

Design of a back lamp

1 — the Stoplight
2 — backing Fire

3 — the Index of turn
4 — Foggy light (the left lamp) / back marker/parking light (the right lamp)


  1. Details of installation of back lantern assemblies are shown on illustrations to which all references which are found in the text belong.
  2. Give fixing nuts (5), fill a pin (6) in a support (7) and, having pulled back, release the corresponding lantern assembly (E3 or E4) from the landing nest in a body element.
  3. Disunite the contact socket of an electrical wiring (8) and remove lantern assembly (E3/E4).
  4. Installation is made upside-down.
  5. In conclusion check serviceability of functioning of the corresponding running/signal lights.

Replacement of lamps

Replacement of lamps of a back lamp


  1. Having hooked the screw-driver unblock and disunite the contact socket (2).
  2. Squeeze clamps (3) and remove a lamp holder.
  3. Press a lamp, turn it to the left and take from a lamp holder.
  4. Installation is made upside-down.