6.1.4. General check of system of injection of the petrol engine


Special devices are necessary for systematic search of malfunctions and their elimination. Such devices very expensive and, as a rule, are available only on HUNDRED. Therefore the description only of verifications of the general plan is given below.

  1. Check a condition of the rechargeable battery (see Chapters the Current leaving and service and Systems of electric equipment of the engine).
  2. Check a condition of all safety locks (see the Head Onboard electric equipment).
  3. Disunite and again join all sockets of the corresponding electronic systems. Check reliability of fixing of sockets and cables in a motive compartment.
  4. Check reliability of fastening of all connections of weight.
  5. Check tightness of hoses and pipelines, paying special attention to identification of cracks. Replace defective components, tighten the weakened nipple sockets.