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12.3.6. Replacement of boots of a case of the steering mechanism

Details of installation of a boot of a case of rack transfer


In total самоконтрящиеся bolts and nuts are subject to replacement without fail!

  1. Details of installation of boots are shown on an illustration to which all references which are found in the text belong.
  2. Visually estimate a condition of boots (see the Section Assessment of a Condition of Hinges of Steering Drafts and Boots of a Case of Rack Transfer).
  3. Remove a tip of steering draft (see the Section Removal and installation of tips of steering draft).
  4. Release a lock-nut of a tip of steering draft (10i).
  5. Remove external (11b) and internal (11a) collars.
  6. Remove a boot (11).
  7. Replace a sealing ring (23k).
  8. Estimate an external condition of a lath and size of a side play of the internal hinge of fastening of steering draft, replace defective components.
  9. Installation is made upside-down.