13.1.5. Replacement of loops of a cowl

Screws (1) of fastening of a loopy level to a cowl

Nuts (3) fastenings of loopy assembly (2) to the body panel


  1. Details of installation of loopy levels of a cowl are shown on illustrations to which all references which are found in the text belong.
  2. If both loops are subject to replacement, remove a cowl (see the Section Removal, installation and adjustment of a cowl) if one, - open it and record in vertical position.
  3. Uncover an air inlet (see the Section Removal of the Drive of Forward Screen Wipers).
  4. Remove a rubber overlay of a loop, - slips are subject to replacement without fail.
  5. Cut off a sealant around a loop so that to provide freedom of the course of the last, - a sealant are subject to replacement without fail, at installation the sealant should be painted.
  6. Mark the provision of loopy levels.
  7. Remove a gas-filled emphasis (see the Section Removal and installation of a gas-filled emphasis of fixing of a cowl in open situation).
  8. Turn out fixing screws (1) and give nuts (3).
  9. Remove loopy assembly (2).
  10. Installation is made upside-down, - track that loopy levels were established according to the marking put in the course of dismantle.
  11. Check correctness of provision of a cowl, in case of need make the corresponding adjustment (see the Section Removal, installation and adjustment of a cowl).