11:13. Replacement of boots of the parking brake

Details of installation of boots of the parking brake


  1. Details of installation of boots of the parking brake are shown on an illustration to which all references which are found in the text belong.
  2. Remove brake disks of back wheels (see the Section Removal and installation of a brake disk).
  3. By means of special adaptation (041) disconnect coupling springs (111).
  4. Remove anchor springs (107) and fingers (106).
  5. Take off brake boots (103) from a flange of a back power shaft (68).

If boots (103) burned, it is necessary to make their replacement in a set with coupling springs (111 and 112) and anchor elements (106 and 107).

  1. Disconnect a coupling spring (112) and remove a razzhimny level (109).
  2. Installation is made upside-down, - the persistent and sliding surfaces of a razzhimny level (109) before installation should be greased with jellied molibdensoderzhashchy lubricant, grease with the same lubricant a carving of a persistent element (104), and also a cylindrical part of an adjusting castor (c). At installation actually of boots release the adjusting mechanism and track that a regulator castor (c) it appeared in detail down, track correctness of connection of coupling (111 and 112) and anchor (107) springs.
  3. Make adjustment of the parking brake (see the Section Adjustment of the Drive of the Parking Brake) and unload the automatic regulator.