11.2. Check of the brake system on leaks

Check is made by means of the special tester (051) connected to the gate of pumping of a brake support.

Check of a brake contour on existence of leaks

051 — the Tester

080 — the Collar for squeezing of a pedal

High-pressure check


  1. Start the engine on moderate turns, then, a sharp otpuskaniye of the accelerator pedal create deep depression in the inlet pipeline.
  2. By means of a special collar (080) squeeze out against the stop a pedal of a foot brake. Losses of pressure in the next 5 minutes have to make no more than 5%, - consider on a tester (050).

Low pressure check


  1. Kill the engine and several pressing a pedal of a foot brake completely dump depression.
  2. By means of a collar (080) squeeze out a pedal so that the tester (050) registered pressure approximately in 3 bars, - pressure has to keep within not less than 2 minutes.
  3. In conclusion pump over the brake system (see the Section Pumping of the Brake System).