11.4. Check of retaining valve

Check of serviceability of functioning of the vacuum amplifier of brakes

8 — the Vacuum line

070 — the Connecting socket


  1. Connect the vacuum gage (030) to the connecting socket (070) vacuum lines (8) of the brake amplifier (16) and several pressing a pedal of a foot brake dump depression in a vacuum path.
  2. Start the engine and a sharp otpuskaniye of the squeezed-out accelerator pedal create the required depression (0.75 ÷ 0.80 bar) in a vacuum path.
  3. Having squeezed out a brake pedal dump depression up to the depth> 0.80 bars.
  4. Kill the engine, - the speed of loss of depression has to make no more than 0.4 bars/min. In case of need check serviceability of functioning of the servo-driver of the vacuum amplifier (see the Section Check of Serviceability of Functioning of the Vacuum Amplifier of Brakes).
  5. Disconnect the vacuum gage (030).