11.9. Assessment of degree of wear and replacement of brake shoes

On both axes all models considered in the present manual disk brake mechanisms with supports of the fixed type are used. Illustrative material on replacement of brake shoes is presented on illustrations to which all references which are found in the text belong.

Replacement of blocks of disk brake mechanisms of forward wheels

Replacement of blocks of disk brake mechanisms of back wheels

Wear degree assessment


  1. Through observation ports in supports of brake mechanisms estimate degree of wear of brake shoes, - operation of the car with the blocks which are worn out below an admissible limit is fraught with injury of an edge between a sealing flute and a boot of the piston of the wheel cylinder.
  2. Make sure of lack of signs of development of leak of liquid, in case of need make check of system on leaks (see the Partition Check of the Brake System into leaks).
  3. Check supports (31a/31b) for existence of traces of leaks, in case of need make their replacement (see the Section Removal and installation of a support).



  1. At the corresponding complete set disunite the socket of the contact sensor of wear of blocks (1) and remove the last, - defective sensors are subject to replacement.
  2. By means of a suitable drift (035) beat out fixing fingers (41).
  3. Remove the spring holder (41b).
  4. Having in case of need hooked the lever rested against the support case through a wooden pro-rate take blocks (43) from supports (31a/31b).
  5. By means of a special clamp (031) wring out the piston of the wheel cylinder, in case of need previously having pumped out a little brake fluid from the GTTs tank.
  6. Smooth out guides of blocks, - do not apply to cleaning of guides of tools with the sharp cutting edges.
  7. Installation is made upside-down, - the blocks equipped with laying (43b) before installation should be greased with Cu-7439 lubricant.
  8. In conclusion check the level of brake fluid, in case of need make the corresponding adjustment.